Joint winners as Golden Maltsters of the Year 2019

On the night of March 27th, three of the world’s best malting companies received well-deserved recognition at the third RMI Analytics Brewing Supply Awards (BSA), held at the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw.

The prestigious Global Brewing Supply Awards, sponsored by Bühler, are hosted every two years and recognise the brewing world’s outstanding businesses and innovation & technology leaders.

This year’s third BSA saw, for the first time, two Maltsters of the Year awarded in the Gold category.

The four-member jury, consisting of Brent Atthill (Atthill Consulting), Philippe Lehrmann (Ositrade), Dr. Dietrich Mönch, and Dr. Christian Temme (RMI Analytics), decided to award the newly-designed golden trophy to two of the companies on the shortlist, as both have shown excellent results in totally different markets and with varying priorities in the last two years.

The joint winners, Coopers’ new malting plant in Adelaide, Australia, and the specialty maltster, The Swaen from The Netherlands, took the title ahead of other shortlisted maltsters from Germany, India and Vietnam.

Now honoured with the gold award, Coopers has just opened its 54,000-ton capacity maltings in November 2017 alongside its Regency Park brewery in the South Australian capital.

Coopers’ Malting manager, Dr. Doug Stewart, and Andries de Groen sr. from The Swaen, received the famous Bühler cow bell from Dr. Franz Götz and Manuel Kindle for winning the 2019 Brewing Supply Awards.

It was a remarkable result, given that Coopers’ malting operation has only been functional for a little more than a year”, said Doug Stewart.

“The plant includes some unique inhouse-designed features which have allowed us to reduce steeping times, water usage and kiln-gas during malting process. We are also flexible enough to be able to produce special single origin malts, which is part of the attractiveness of our offering to the craft brewing and distilling sector.”

Judges cited not only the company’s commitment to sustainability, and innovation, but also their advantages as an inhouse brewer/maltster with unique opportunities in product development for their craft range of malts.

Taking the second gold award was the Netherlands-based specialty malthouse, The Swaen, which operates out of their historic facility at Kloosterzande in Zeeland.

The judges mentioned in their praise The Swaen’s amazing growth in the craft industry and specialty malt production in recent years, their impressive product portfolio, and their efforts to become CO2-neutral.

“We are guided by our respect for the history and culture of beer as well as our passion to innovate. We wish to enrich the landscape of ingredients with great and innovative malts. We put a lot of effort in our marketing strategy and we have built a route to market from scratch, which has been a key success factor for our business achievements. I am very proud that we can celebrate this great achievement with our employees and partners”, Andries de Groen sr. said.

The three winners of the BSA 2019 together with the awards jury (Dietrich Mönch is missing on the picture), RMI’s managing partner Nikolaus Bormann and Dr. Franz Götz and Manuel Kindle from Bühler

The bronze award winner was Intermalt Vietnam. Intermalt is owned by Interflour and operates a single, Buhler-designed 110,000-ton malt plant located alongside the Interflour port at Cai Mep, 65km from HCMC. The plant began operations in 2017.

The jury mentioned the plant itself as a great technical innovation. The concept of providing Vietnam’s brewers with access to freshly made malt and eliminating the need for container shipping and port clearance in a manner that most brewers in the western world have always enjoyed, was considered a supply chain innovation.

“The award points out to our team and customers that we are on the right track as we have already seen dramatic decreases in our utility consumption with great savings in heat-pump usage since we have opened our business in 2017.” General Manager for Intermalt, Robert Wicks said.

Managing Director of RMI Analytics GmbH, Dr Christian Temme, said “the quantity and quality of the entries into this year’s awards had been very high and it was pleasure recognizing the hard work of these companies.”

“At RMI we were impressed by the performance of the three finalists, the work of the jury and the culmination of a two-month process at the outstanding Awards Ceremony in Warsaw’s prominent building, the Palace of Culture and Science,” Dr Temme said.

“Thank you to all nominees who have taken the challenge. I would like to invite and encourage the malt industry to participate next time at the fourth Brewing Supply Awards in 2021.”

The next Brewing Supply Awards will be held at the 11th RMI Analytics World Barley, Malt and Beer Conference in March 2021.