STEP 1      Online registration – from January 2018


STEP 2     Nomination Questionnaire to completeuntil 14 Jan 2019
Our Nomination Form will be sent to you by e-mail after we have received your online registration.


STEP 3     Shortlisting & verification of nomineesuntil 31 Jan 2019
Based on the award criteria a shortlist of 3 is developed through initial research and evaluation of the nominees.
This process is facilitated and supervised by RMI Analytics. Quantitative voting by the Jury is used for this step.


STEP 4     Shortlisting & verification of recipients Jan 31 – 15 Febr 2019
Jury members have the right to request personal interviews with applicant to verify members assumptions.
An evaluation booklet is then prepared for each of the nominees including full profiles, interviews and caselets.


STEP 5     Vote of the Award Jury 16 Febr 2019
The Jury votes individually and anonymously.


STEP 6     Contacting the winner and preparing the case study20 – 28 Febr 2019
The winner is contacted and a full case study and film are developed in preparation for the award ceremony.
The film is at the cost of the winner and not mandatory.


STEP 7     Award Ceremony – 27 March 2019
The winner will be announced at the 10th RMI Analytics World Barley, Malt & Beer Conference.

Announcement of the Maltster of the Year in GOLD by sponsor Bühler. Photo by Marko Kovic